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Maja [userpic]

Harry Potter live RPG!

March 31st, 2007 (05:05 pm)

Now I'm in: Oslo
I'm feeling: excited

Another live RPG is coming up! =) It's a one-day thing this time, and it is tomorrow!

I can't wait!!!!

I'm playing the role of a caring and loving housewife. We're in the 70's, so Vodemort is out and about and being relly mean. Naturally my character is scared out of her wits and tends to have nervous breakdowns. Really a Molly Weasley kind of character. So worried about her family. Also my character is worried that her husband might be cheating on her. Oh dear...

The setting is my husband's birthday party. He's invited all his old friends and family.  

I'll tell you more about it on Monday, when it is done! =)

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(no subject)

March 30th, 2007 (04:34 pm)

Now I'm in: Oslo
I'm feeling: cheerful

Oh look! I changed my layout!  =)

Now easter is coming up and the easter holiday is next week! Today was my last day of school for one and a half week! 

Life is good! =)

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Paris je t'aime!

March 19th, 2007 (05:56 pm)

Now I'm in: Oslo
I'm feeling: sick

The past week (from monday to friday) I was in Paris!!!! 

It was a school trip, but practically like a holiday, because mostly we went to see the attractions!! 

We also had to see some theatre, of course (since we are a dramaclass), but it was great, even though it was in French!!

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Harry Potter Holiday!!!

March 3rd, 2007 (12:03 am)

Now I'm in: Oslo
I'm feeling: sleepy

There's a petition for an international Harry Potter Day on the 21st of July.

Go sign the petition and make chances better for this to become a reality! 

I love this project. I think it's such a good way to give the books and author the recognition they deserve as well as giving us fans a day to celebrate and come together as fans.

Go to this site.

Click on  "sign petition" and fill in your name, country and statement!

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(no subject)

February 28th, 2007 (09:20 pm)

Now I'm in: Oslo
I'm feeling: exhausted

I am officially a Facebook slave... I'm constantly checking to see what other people have been up to...

I love that site! It's brilliant! 

Today for instance, I stayed at home because I'm still sick. But some of my friends have convinced me of having a party this Saturday. 

So, how do you tell people when you can't go to school to tell them? 

You create and event on Facebook! It's brilliant! I get organized lists of who's coming and who's not coming and who might be coming! I love it!! 

On top of everything I save the money I would have spent on text messages because I now just notify everyone online! =) 

This flu, though... It's so annoying!! I feel well enough, but I'm just completely exhausted!! And if I try to do anything I get caugh attacks. Even though I'm really well when I stay still.... I hate this! Can't I just get completely well soon???

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So very sick....

February 21st, 2007 (09:36 pm)

Now I'm in: Oslo
I'm feeling: sick

Well... the minute I get a day off from school, I get sick.... I have winter holiday this week and on Sunday I got sick. 

After a week of overworking myself and  barely sleeping, that probably isn't so strange, but it's annoying  anyway.... 

I keep coughing and throat is so sore now... My chest is sore and my ribs are sore from coughing and my nose is runny...  Yesterday I started getting nausea as well, but I hate throwing up, so I've forced myself not to. Luckily the nausea is quite mild, so I can suppress it. Though I don't think it's good for me to keep it inside and it's really uncomfortable... I haven't thrown up in three years, though, so I'm going to keep avoiding it as long as I can!

Thankfully I only had a headache the first two days and my fever isn't so bad now (that was just the first two days as well...).

My mother's been sick for two weeks and a collegue of hers was sick for three weeks, so I'm hoping I'll be lucky and get away with one week... =) 

Oh the pain...

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Plays and schools

February 13th, 2007 (11:01 pm)

Now I'm in: Oslo
I'm feeling: content

We've been working on a play at school now, the past six months (you might know that I attend a drama high school) and yesterday we had the premiere!!! 

Now... we've all been a bit upset with our teacher and the play in general. It's a modern play called "Illyria", written by Bryony Lavery in 2000. It's about a conuntry called Illyria where there's a civil war raging (it's quite similar to the way eastern european countries have been). We follow a reporter who goes there to write an article about the war. 

Now, at first I didn't like the play and definitely didn't want to do it. Then I got the worst parts in the play, so I wasn't really happy. 

But after a while the play grew on me and I started liking it more and more, mainly because we made some good stuff for my parts. =) 

Then it went downhill again. Always when you approach the premiere you start wondering if it's a good play or not. I started really hating the play and hating the teacher... 

But then came the premiere. Our audience gave us lots of praise and told us it was really well done, so now I'm really happy about it again!!! We played two shows today and they also both went well. I'm really looking forward to showing it to my friends and family now! They're coming to see it on Thursday. =)

On a completely different note.. I've decided what I want to do when I finish high school in June!!

First I'm going to a "Folk high school". Those schools are boarding schools that you stay at for a year and study a subject you find fun and interesting. There are no exams or tests, just fun! It'll be nice to have a year of relaxing. Now however, I don't know which school to choose! I got in to one where I can study the US and go on a month long trip there. That would be great, as I've really wanted to visit the US for a while now. Or.. I could choose another one where I'd be studying art for a year and I get a 3 week trip to India. There I'll also have one of my best friends at the same school. Hmmm.... A third choice is a Theatre/Musical school. I will choose that one if I get in, but I haven't gotten an answer from them yet. But if I don't get in to that one, which should I choose??? PLEASE HELP ME!! I really don't know which one I want...

Anyway... After that one year, I plan on going to Britain to study at a university. I'm hoping to get into Queen Margaret's University College in Edinburgh, because they have a really good drama school. One of Britains best, I've been told. But, as chances are small of getting in, I'll also be applying to other drama schools as well as applying for different subjects at that school. I'm crossing my fingers that it'll work out!!

I mean... Edinburgh... Not only do they have a castle, speak in a beautiful accent, but they have JK Rowling!!! 

Who could ask for more? 

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This summer is going to be the best summer ever!!!!!

February 1st, 2007 (07:30 pm)

Now I'm in: Oslo

Unless Harry dies, of course...

I can't believe the book will be out ONE WEEK after the fifth film!!!

But it'll be great!!! I really can't wait!!! =)


I went crazy when I heard... I couldn't put two sentences together....


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!


I'm going to make a calendar to cross off the days right now... =)

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January 25th, 2007 (10:02 pm)

Now I'm in: Oslo

I have recently discovered the greatness that is Facebook!

Not only do I get to share my pictures and meet HP fans, I also get to chat with my friends and meet new ones!

The best part is that I've gotten in touch with people that I've had no contact with in 6 or 7 years!! Six years ago I lived in Mozambique and attended the American International School of Mozambique (AISM). I kept contact with three of my friends from there, but the rest just sort of disappeared. Now, however, I've found them again! On Facebook!!!! It's so great!! =)


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Ball gown

January 21st, 2007 (10:27 pm)

Now I'm in: Oslo
I'm feeling: creative

I made myself a ball gown this weekend!! 

There's a school ball this upcoming week, you see, so I decided to make my own dress! =) Really, I only made the skirt for the dress, because I used a top I already had and attached it to the skirt I made. 

The skirt is a dark foresty green and the top is black with silver patterns on it. Naturally I feel quite slytherin, wearing it...!  =) 

It turned out quite nice, actually and I'm very pleased with it! I did, of course, have quite a lot of help from my mum. She's really good at sewing, and I've not really sewed much before... I'll try to post some pictures of the dress later, when I've taken some, so you can all se what it looks like! =)

To jump to a completely different subject... 

The weather.. 

I've noticed that most of my posts have been about that lately. And with good reason! The weather has been so strange this winter. My father (who is nearing 60 years old) has never seen a winter like this!! 

In my last post I told you that it had snowed. Well, that snow was gone in two days. But now, the snow's back. And it seems like it'll stay a bit longer now. There's a ton of snow outside now, so it seems winter has finally come to Norway. But I really don't know... It could be gone in a few days... But really there's a TON of snow here now!! 

It snowed so much yesterday!! And with the wind too, it was pretty much a blizzard. And I had to go outside to buy some stuff for my dress in that weather... That wasn't very comfortable! It was too cold and too wet! But I suppose I should be glad we finally have snow! =) I wish it had been here for Christmas, though...

Getting to school tomaorrow will be hell... The bus company is never prepared for snow, even though we get it every year...